Even though I am now a Galganov, I was born to the family von Hoyningen Huene. My father, Paul Friederich von Hoyningen Huene, originally of the Baltic States, instilled a great sense of family pride in me and, as such, I cannot forget my roots.

I am so aware of all the family I have out there even though many of us have never met. My experiences on the Internet have taught me this is a wonderful way to meet people and share my life. In fact, vonHuene.net is the perfect way for everyone in the family to connect, reconnect and stay connected.

It is for this reason that I decided to establish vonHuene.net and vonHuene.org

As an Internet professional, I decided the right thing to do was to offer the whole family the opportunity to share in my world through participation in these von Huene projects.

vonHuene.net is designed as a portal to offer free personal E-mail and web hosting services and reduced cost business services to family members. vonHuene.org was established to provide information about the family to family and other interested parties.

Through these sites you will find links to any family owned business and personal web sites whether hosted on vonHuene.net or not, providing the owner(s) of those sites request listing and that those sites are family safe.

While the initial cost of launching and hosting these sites is borne by my company, Galganov & Associates, use of search (and other) utilities and shopping links found on these sites as well as family members taking advantage of the reduced cost commercial hosting offered by us all help to carry the cost and, hopefully, to expand services and improve hardware needed to sustain this project.

As these web sites develop we will welcome contributions of articles, pictures and announcements of family interest. In fact, family members who wish to contribute to this site by providing translations into their native tongues (or other contributions which would enchance the content of these sites) are encouraged to contact me. and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
(House Paulsruhe)