On this page you can sign up for a FREE vonhuene.net Membership & Email Account. This will provide you with your private password which you will need to access your vonhuene.net mail account and the Members' Only pages. For the sake of this website, "von Huene" includes all names as mentioned on the main page of this website.

You can sign up...

If you were born a von Huene* and one of your parents was born a von Huene*, you and each member of your immediate family (spouse and children) can have a personal membership and free POP3 mail account (your_name@vonHuene.net). OR...
If your mother was born a von Huene* (but not your father) you are entitled to all the benefits offered by this service (though not your spouse and children - sorry). OR...
If your spouse was born a von Huene* you are also entitled to all the benefits offered by this service.
* "born a von Huene" refers that the name on a birth certificate.
The word "born" includes legally adopted children.
Primary applicants must have a paternal path to the family tree unless the sole parent is a single woman born von Huene.
* Except where noted, membership requires a paternal path to the family tree.
* Legal name change does not qualify membership/eligibility.

If you would like to become a member and receive a free personal vonHuene.net E-mail address, please complete the form to the right as it applies to you. Once we have received your request, we will send you all the information and instructions you need by return e-mail within 48 hours.

The spouse's name is required if you married into the family. By example, Yvonne's husband Mason would be required to complete the Spouse's Name field with "Yvonne Tamara von Hoyningen Huene". That way we can verify that he did, indeed, marry into the family.

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Why do we ask for this information? Because we want to assure that services and resources are reserved for members of the von Huene family and this is the only way we are able to do so. Thanks for your help in making the Von Huene Network website functional and up-to-date.

Notes: (for use in completing the membership/e-mail account request form)
  1. Username: Usernames may be one name ("joe" or "jane") or two ("joe_jim" or "jane_julie"). We do not recommend "joe_huene" since your E-mail address would then be "joe_huene@vonhuene.net" but we'll do it any way you like!
  2. Password: Passwords must be alpha-numeric. If you submit all letters or all numbers we will convert it for you. You may request your password be changed by writing to info@vonhuene.net. Passwords must be at least six to eight (6 - 8) characters long and contain at least two numbers or two letters.
  3. E-mail Forwarding: When you check this box your vonHuene.net mail will be forwarded to your existing e-mail box with your Internet Service Provider. If you do not check this box then you will collect your vonHuene.net mail from our server.